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Home Insurance Prefill

7 key data items for every residential property in the UK.
Available now from creators WhenFresh (and selected resellers).

WhenFresh has built the “Home Insurance Prefill" pack to provide a standard 7 key characteristics for virtually every residential property in the UK for form prefill and other insurance applications.

WhenFresh Home Insurance Prefill includes the following key data attributes for over 29.7m residential properties across the UK:

>  Number of Bedrooms
>  Number of Bathrooms
>  Number of Reception Rooms
>  When Built
>  Property Type & Style
>  Roof Type
>  Wall Type & Materials

View and download full details of WhenFresh’s Home Insurance Prefill here

WhenFresh has built Home Insurance Prefill to give you immediate  access to these 7 core characteristics so you can:

>  Make Insurance forms quicker and easier for consumers;
>  Reduce form abandonment;

>  Improve the quantity & quality of form completions;

>  Drive down your acquisition costs.

Home Insurance Prefill is available for immediate  delivery direct from the WhenFresh API (and from selected resellers) and provides fully comprehensive, individual responses for each of these 7 questions for a total of 29,716,224 residential properties, including, for example:

Number of Bedrooms for Home Insurance Prefill When Built for Home Insurance Prefill

To find out more about Home Insurance Prefill, please call WhenFresh on 020 7993 5818 or complete the short enquiry form and we’ll get straight back to you.

Want even more data?

By bringing together over 200 private & public UK data sources in one place – including Zoopla, Prime Location, uSwitch, CLS,  Bluesky, Future Climate Info, CET Structures, Land Registry and many more – WhenFresh provides an unrivalled range of standard & bespoke data products and services for the UK Insurance market.  We built Home Insurance Prefill with these 7 key data components after consultation with many of the UK’s leading insurers but, if you need more, WhenFresh can give you instant access to 100s more property-related data items via the WhenFresh API 

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