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UK Home Mover Alerts

Home Mover marketing.  The £35 million a day opportunity…

As many as 50,000 people move home each week across the UK and, on average, home movers spend around £5,000 on goods and services directly relating to their move – which equates to a combined mover spend of around £35m/day.

Home Movers are BIG business, because moving home is the strongest possible trigger for a wide range of high value consumer buying decisions, including mortgages, insurance, furniture, white & brown goods, home improvements, energy, TV and broadband services… and more.  

So, knowing when your existing & potential customers are planning to move home – and precisely where in the moving process they are likely to make buying decisions regarding the services/products you sell, presents an enormous opportunity, both in terms of customer acquisition and retention.

WhenFresh can now tell you exactly who to target – and when

We’ve combined data from the Royal Mail’s redirection service and Estate Agency data from Zoopla and other sources to create the UK’s most comprehensive and accurate home mover database. Its updated live every day and, crucially, covers both house sale and rental moves.

By matching your historical customer/sales data to our past home move data and undertaking temporal analysis, we can identify patterns which pinpoint precisely when in the moving process your customers/prospects make buying decisions.

We can then provide you with daily, weekly or monthly updates on up to 200,000 home moves per month, so you can deliver offers to your customers & prospects at exactly the moment they are “in-market”, to greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing.

Please call us today on 0207 993 5818, complete the enquiry form or view/download full details here to start building your own Right-Time Marketing Strategy.

Home Mover data

Example Applications

The Broadband Provider

The Broadband Provider

Combining historic new-purchase sales data from a leading national broadband provider against our bespoke temporal analysis, we revealed that over 90% of new-to-home customers place their installation order just one week before moving house

The Mortgage Lender

The Mortgage Lender

After matching a high-street bank’s customer database to our Home-Mover’s model, we identified that the mortgage lending arm of the business had missed potential mortgage sales from existing customers worth a massive half-a-billion pounds to other lenders. With WhenFresh insight into their customer data, they are now able to pro-actively prevent potential home-move customers from slipping through the net.

The Self-Assembly Furniture Store

The Self-Assembly Furniture Store

Our analysis of customers holding a loyalty card spending over £200 in a single trip to the store revealed a significant peak of purchases over £1,000 in the seven days following a house move. This insight allowed the store to effectively target their database around this critical one week window.

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WhenFresh can match your customer data to historical home move data and use temporal analysis to pinpoint when in the moving cycle your customers make buying decisions.