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About Us

WhenFresh is now PriceHubble, a residential data and analytics business operating in 11 countries.

As a DaaS (Data as a Service) business, the business is built on three key strengths:

>  Unrivalled UK data assets

>  World class data science

>  Accessible, flexible delivery 

WhenFresh is the UK’s Residential Property Data Bureau and brings together more than 200 proprietary, private & public UK data sources in one place to form a combined database of unrivalled breadth and depth – all accessible via a single, simple API integration.

With these unrivalled property data assets as the foundation, our data science team provides bespoke solutions for a wide range of applications – such as residential mortgage decisioning, back-book analysis, remote survey-less valuations, home insurance form pre-fill, risk modelling, insurance pricing, fraud prevention, collections and much more.

And we really deliver.  WhenFresh’s products & services are designed to be flexible, accessible and readily-tailored to meet your exact needs and can be delivered instantaneously via our purpose-built, hydra-head API.

Try the new WhenFresh API mini-demos for yourself for free: https://my.api.whenfresh.com/try-it-out.

Our products and services are fully GDPR-compliant and are primarily used by big data users in Banking, Insurance, Public Sector, Utilities, Property and Retail.

The full property data “ingredient set" is available directly from WhenFresh, but selected  selected elements of WhenFresh’s residential property data set is also supplied to certain clients via reseller agreements with Experian, Equifax, Acxiom and TransUnion (formerly CallCredit), Royal Mail Data Services, GB Group and others.

Technology and data are only as good as the people behind them. We’ve built an expert team from many innovative businesses including tesco.com, lastminute.com, swiftcover.com, Microsoft and Zoopla. Meet The WhenFresh Management Team

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