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A fresh approach to property

WhenFresh provides the UK Residential property sector with access to vast data assets and advanced proprietary models for ‘Right Time” customer & prospect communications.

To find out how WhenFresh data and analytics can benefit your business, please email sold@whenfresh.com

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Through close partnerships with ZPG / Zoopla Property Group (incorporating Zoopla, Prime Location & PSG), CLS and many others, WhenFresh has brought together a vast, unique wealth of high quality, current data-sets with specific relevance to the UK residential property market. 

By combining property-specific data assets with a deep understanding of the UK property market and advanced analytical techniques/proprietary models, WhenFresh provides a wide range of services to property-related businesses including Estate Agents, Property Developers, Home Insurers and Mortgage Lenders.

Behind The Bricks

Example Products/Services we supply to the Property-related sector include:

> The WhenFresh API – Instant API-based access to residential, property-specific data for virtually any UK address – totalling over 2bn data items.

> Home Mover Alerts – We can accurately plot the pre-, per- and post home-move stages to help you focus your marketing on the right people at the right time.

> NYOM:  Not Yet On Market – We’ve developed proprietary algorithms which enable us to predict with great accuracy which homes will come on to the market and when, BEFORE they are listed. 

> Buy-To-Let Insights – WhenFresh brings to bear the full might of its property data to analyse BTL portfolios across 9 key metrics to assess and manage risk.