The UK's Residential
Data Supermarket

WhenFresh is the UK's Residential Property Data Supermarket for Banks, Insurers and other Big Data users. We provide access to over 200 private & public data-sets with individual property-level attribute, risk, perils, environmental, geospatial, climate change and valuations data for a wide range of applications.

"See how the award-winning WhenFresh API can give you instant access to over 2 trillion UK property-specific data items."

About WhenFresh

WhenFresh is a DaaS (Data as a Service) business, built on three key strengths:

>  Unrivalled UK Property data assets
>  World class data science
>  Accessible, flexible delivery

WhenFresh brings together more than 200 private & public UK data sources in one place to form a live, combined database of unrivalled breadth and depth, comprising over 1 trillion verified, provenanced data items.

Our data scientists use advanced analytics to turn these property data assets into innovative, insightful products and services for a wide range of applications primarily in the Banking, Insurance & Utilities sectors.



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The Data Supermarket and it’s Master Chefs

15th November 2020

A great interview by Matthew Grant of the excellent Instech London, with WhenFresh co-founder Mark Cunningham. Key talking points include: > Why insurers should embrace pre-fill> Getting trusted data during Covid-19> Identifying new sources and partners> Moral hazards and customer experience> The hidden costs in property valuations> Why “WhenFresh” rather than “ArtificialElephant” Please listen to […]


Survey-Less Property Valuations, Backed by Insurance.

22nd July 2020

The ground-breaking VERIFY IVM (Insured Valuation Model) enables UK mortgage lenders to obtain an instant, accurate valuation for virtually any UK residential property, with no need for a physical survey – and, uniquely, the valuation is backed by AA-rated insurance. The VERIFY IVM is the result of a collaboration between UK residential property data experts WhenFresh and CLS, one […]


WhenFresh featured in May 2020 Bank of England Monetary Policy Report

7th May 2020

The Bank of England published its new Monetary Policy Report on 7th May 2020 – supported by WhenFresh data. WhenFresh have worked with the Bank of England (BoE) for many years our data and analytics have featured in BoE research & White Papers on several previous occasions. However, in the face of the lock-down due […]