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WhenFresh is the UK’s leading supplier of residential property data & related solutions to the Financial Service sector – combining unrivalled data assets with world-class data science and flexible API delivery.

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WhenFresh is now PriceHubble and is a leading supplier of residential property data and related solutions to the UK’s leading banks, mortgage lenders, insurers, local authorities, utilities and other Big Data users.

Our data and solutions data is used by many of the UK’s leading mortgage lenders (e.g. Landbay, Together, Shawbook), home insurers (e.g. Source Insurance, Uinsure, Policy Powerhouse), the Bank of England, fintechs, insurtechs and technology platform providers (e.g. Capita, Twenty7Tec, Lending Metrics).

WhenFresh brings together over 200 proprietary, private and public datasets in one place to create the UK’s Residential Property Data Bureau, comprising comprehensive attribute, geospatial, topological, environmental, risk, peril, valuations, market and climate change data for virtually every residential property in the UK.

In much the same way as Experian, Equifax & TransUnion provide bureau services so banks can instantly assess consumer credit risk, WhenFresh provides instant, remote and accurate residential property risk assessment.

For mortgage lenders, WhenFresh has now developed the Decisions-as-a-Service solution suite, which is comprised of 4 complementary modules and enables lenders to make faster, better-informed credit decisions from origination through to securitisation – Learn more here.

By combining these unrivalled data assets with our world class data science capabilities and instantaneous delivery via a single, simple API integration, WhenFresh builds bespoke data-driven solutions for clients throughout the Financial Service sector.

We are increasingly working directly with end-users in the Financial Service sector as well as providing data and solutions via long-standing reseller & white-label agreements with organisations such as Experian, Equifax, Acxiom and TransUnion (formerly CallCredit), whereby WhenFresh often provide the residential property data elements of wider solutions. 

For a glimpse of the some of the individual property-level data items that our existing banking and insurance customers commonly employ, please try the new WhenFresh mini-demo below:

Our Data Scientists pride themselves on creative problem-solving, so please talk to us about your particular needs and CHALLENGE US to find the best possible solution for you.

WhenFresh products & services commonly used by the Financial Service sector include:

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