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Accessible EPC Data

Fast, flexible access to property-level EPC data matched by Title Number, Address, UPRN or UDPRN for instant API or fast Flat-File delivery.

WhenFresh EPC Data Overview

As well as being a regulatory requirement in certain sectors, the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating data for any individual property (or a full mortgage book, for example) can be a key indicator to current/future risk, condition & value, and is important in the context of ESG and sustainability. 

WhenFresh, the UK’s Residential Property Bureau, now provides 
fast, flexible access to EPC data with supporting carbon output and energy usage data, at individual property level. 

Our accessible EPC data can be matched to the property Title Number, Address, UPRN or UDPRN and data can either be accessed instantly via the WhenFresh API or via a Flat-File data enrichment (e.g. appended at individual property level, to a full mortgage book).

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Example EPC Data Output

Data Matching & Delivery Options

Flexible Data Matching & Delivery

EPC data can be supplied for any UK residential property where a certificate has been issued, by matching to any of the following:

> Property Address

> Title Deed Number



NB: Where data is matched by Title Number, the property Address is supplied with the output, and vice versa.

Data can either be accessed in real time via the WhenFresh API, or appended to a Flat-File, such as a mortgage book for example, with fast turnaround.

Additional Data Options

As the UK’s Residential Property Data Bureau, WhenFresh brings together over 200 best-in-class proprietary, private & public property datasets in one place. 

While accessing EPC data, customers often take additional property attribute, environmental, risk/peril, geospatial, climate, market, transactional or other data items.  Please see www.whenfresh.com/api or call us to discuss your requirements.


Download the WhenFresh Accessible EPC Data Factsheet here