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UK Home Insurance Renewals

Home Insurance Renewal Dates – So you can target insurance switchers and prospects at the time when they are ripe for the picking…

Insurance buyers are an elusive bunch.  Just because an insurer is offering the best cover, great value for money or even a cuddly toy… it’s very often not enough to stand out from the crowd. The key to it all is of course in knowing their Home Insurance Renewal Dates.

After all, for 11 months of the year, home insurance marketing is virtually invisible to over 90% of UK consumers.  (Unless they move home of course – but that’s another story, which you can read here). However, for that one fleeting month of the year that their Home Insurance Renewal Dates come up and they are “in-market”, Home Insurance buyers are all ears.

Happily, with an unrivalled pedigree for in-market intelligence built over years in the Property and Home Move sector, WhenFresh can tell you exactly which 300,000 or so households you should market to in any given month. View and download full details here.

Typical Monthly Volumes
Insurance Renewals Chart

We know with great confidence who is in-market and when – because of all the validation, verification and analysis we do in the background that scores our intelligence across a mass of counter-checks.

We’ll help you apply these key triggers across your acquisition and cross-selling strategies and help you shout your great insurance offers from the rooftops, but only to those people in the mood to listen.