Instech London podcast featuring WhenFresh CEO Mark Cunningham

1st November 2021

This podcast features highlights and key insights from the recent Instech London property risk event at The Steel Yard in London.

‘Property Risk – What’s New and What Works?’ brought together experts in flood forecasting, digital twins, rebuild costs, remote assessment and more, to discuss new data and analytics solutions that are helping insurers understand the physical characteristics and risks of properties.

The episode begins with Robin in conversation with Todd Rissel, Chairman and CEO of event sponsors e2Value, and is followed by interviews with: 

  • Mark Cunningham, WhenFresh
  • Olivia Iltcheva, Convex
  • Anthony Siggers, Archipelago
  • Jonathan Newbery, Zurich and Jonathan Jackson, Previsico
  • Jay Gentry, SafeGraph
  • Bob Frady, HazardHub (recently acquired by Guidewire)
  • Anthony Peake, Intelligent AI
  • Laurent de la Porte and Antonin de Benoist, Allphins

Talking points include: 

  • What is important for insurance companies when looking for property-related data
  • What information has been hard to get, but is now available
  • How information for the US varies from the UK
  • What are some of the major sources of data from outside of the insurance industry
  • What are some of the data hubs and platforms now being used

If you would like to hear more about the work our guests and their companies are doing, click the links above to visit their respective InsTech London member profiles. Further podcast episodes are also available featuring Todd Rissel (Podcast 153), Mark Cunningham (Podcast 111), Archipelago (Podcast 145), and Bob Frady (Podcast 135).

Shawbrook Bank adds bridging products and specific bridging tools to its digital platform, MyShawbrook.

6th April 2022

The addition of MyShawbrook bridging will “streamline the entire bridging application process”, according to the lender. Brokers will be able to access instant integrated valuation and credit-backed heads of terms. They can also instruct solicitors during the agreement in principle stage. The portal has a maximum loan calculator so brokers can get a better understanding […]

WhenFresh and Connected Data partner to enhance debt resolution processes

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Nottingham, UK, 15 February 2022 ● WhenFresh and Connected Data partnership will inject valuable property related insight into key processes to enable timely and more appropriate customer engagement ● WhenFresh, creators of the UK’s ‘residential property data bureau’, is the latest leading UK data provider to partner with Connected Data UK households are facing a […]

Ambiental’s FloodScore™ Climate data suite now available via the award-winning WhenFresh API.

12th November 2021

London, 12 November 2021: As the COP26 summit in Glasgow draws to a close, property data specialists WhenFresh have announced a major extension to their climate change offering by making Ambiental’s FloodScore™ Climate data suite available via its award-winning API. Ambiental’s FloodScore™ Climate enables the (re)insurance and banking sector to respond to the Bank of […]