The WhenFresh Decisions-as-a-Service suite enables Mortgage Lenders to make faster, better-informed decisions through the full mortgage lifecycle.

12th December 2022

WhenFresh is the UK’s Residential Property Data Bureau and provides Mortgage Lenders with instant access to all the data they need to make faster, better-informed decisions throughout the full mortgage lifecycle, from initial application tight through to securitisation.

WhenFresh Decisions-as-a-Service provides instant, remote property risk assessment – complementing the credit bureau services which assess consumer credit risk – and is delivered via a suite of 4 modules:

LOOP – Equivalent to a digital ‘Property D.I.P.’ whereby each new mortgage application is instantly and remotely screened against lending rules, LTV criteria and Title issues. Typically 5-10% of applications are rejected at this stage and ‘loop’ back to the broker/applicant(s), before the lender has invested money and resource processing applications which would fail at a later stage.

PATH – Equivalent to a digital ‘Property F.M.A.’ this deep-dive, data-driven triage evaluates the property, valuation and title to assess current/future risk and inform the lender which ‘path’ to choose. This separates the 60-80% of properties where an AVM will be sufficient to move to an immediate mortgage offer, from the 20-40% where a desktop, drive-by or full physical survey of the property will be required. 

WATCH – Live alerts across the portfolio to flag any issues which may impact each property’s value or risk.

WRAP – Property data enrichment to prepare & segment a mortgage book for optimum securitisation.

Each module can quickly and easily be tested against any lenders existing processes – so please click here to find out more and to book a call/demo.

Bank of England report: Has The Private Rental Sector Been Shrinking?

13th September 2023

12th September 2023: “An innovative measure of landlord property transactions shows the UK private rental sector has likely been shrinking for at least the last two years, but less quickly than other indicators suggest”, states the Bank of England, describing it’s newly published analysis. The report is based on property data supplied by WhenFresh and […]

Capita Integrates WhenFresh Property Data To Optimise OmigaDigital Mortgage Processing Platform

26th July 2023

26 July 2023: Capita has partnered with WhenFresh to integrate a comprehensive range of property attribute & risk data items within its OmigaDigital platform to further enhance and streamline its mortgage origination offering. Capita has been delivering mortgage origination and servicing solutions to lenders for over 30 years and helps 1 in 14 of all […]

Source Insurance optimises GI platform with further WhenFresh property & risk data

21st July 2023

21/07/2023: Leading general insurance (GI) quotation provider Source Insurance have enhanced their partnership with property data experts Whenfresh. This recent data enrichment comes as part of Source Insurance’s technological optimisation, supporting their quotation process with additional property information and risk data. Supporting Advisers Source Insurance continue to utilise this data to further support their advisers […]