A Leading Energy Provider

Millions of households move home in the UK each year and this acts as a very strong trigger for consumers to review & switch energy suppliers.

A leading energy provider therefore wanted to engage with their customers at the right time before they moved – both for customer retention purposes and to reduce the incidence of customer moving out with unpaid bills (especially in the case of rental properties).

3 months before

Day of move

3 months after

We scored the company’s customer data, identifying which customers were likely to move and, crucially, when.

The energy provider assessed our moments of intent insights against their business and marketing intelligence reports and modelled the potential incremental cost savings for retention strategies.

The results were so strong that event-driven communications are now an essential component to the business’s on-going CRM strategy.


  • 30% increase in customer retention

  • 50% reduction in cost to serve

  • 3.5x return on investment

We apply this same methodology for banks, insurers, retailers, telecoms providers and more.

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